Visual, Representations, Materiality and Narratives

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7-9 October 2009

20112 Santa Lucia di TallĂ  France
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April 20, 2009: Opening of the web site for the workshop

The web site will provide up-to-date information on all aspects of workshop organization.


April 20-May 31, 2009: Registration period. Your account will be created by the organizers.  Login will give you access to all the workshop documents, especially the workshop papers.


April 20-August 31, 2009: Submission of papers online


FINAL DEADLINE for the submission of papers: AUGUST 31, 2009


Please note that this will be a seminar-like workshop with ample time left for discussion. Oral presentations will be limited to 15-20 minutes. The most important implication is the necessity to finish and upload your paper by AUGUST 31 at the latest to make it available to all participants. Discussions will be based on the reading of the full paper.


October 7-10, 2009: International Workshop

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