Visual, Representations, Materiality and Narratives

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7-9 October 2009

20112 Santa Lucia di TallĂ  France
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> Program of the workshop




Wednesday - October 7


Morning session


10h45 Welcome reception


Antoine Greani, Mayor of Santa Lucia di Tallà: Welcome address

Yeh Wen-hsin: Organization and aims of the workshop

Christian Henriot: Program and Practical questions



Afternoon session


14h - Susan Naquin - Princeton University

"Using Visual Culture to Study Chinese Material Culture"


14h45 - Stefan Landsberger - Leiden University

"Contextualizing posters"


16h - Jérôme Bourgon - CNRS, Institut d'Asie Orientale -

"Rubbish Lessons. Rescuing images of Chinese executions as historical resources"


Thursday  - October 8


Morning session


9h 00 - Wu Jen-shu - Institute of Modern History, Academia Sinica -

"Text and Images in the advertisement culture of the Ming-Qing period"


9h45 - Ulrike Büchsel - Heidelberg University

"Gender roles, Nationalisms and Lifestyles in the Representation of Women in Mid-Republican Newspaper Cigarette Ads"


11h00 Joan Judge - York University

"Portraits of Republican ladies: Materiality and representation in the photographs from Funü shibao (The Women's Eastern Times)"


Afternoon session


14h - Christian Henriot 6 Lumière-Lyon 2 University, Institut d'Asie Orientale

"Street life, visuality, and material culture: Peddlers as a counterpoint to Shanghai modern"


14h45 - Robert Bickers - Bristol University -

"The lives and deaths of photographs in early treaty port China"


16h - Virgil Ho - University of Science and Technology

"Images of Houses, Houses of Images: Some Preliminary Thought on a Socio-cultural

History of Urban Dwellings in Pre-1940s Canton"


16h45 - Film projection: "Buliao qing" (90 minutes)

Introduction by Paul Pickowicz


Friday  - October 7


Morning session


9h00 - Paul Pickowicz - University of California, San Diego

"Shanghai Forties - - In Search of Modern Romance:  Zhang Ailing and Postwar Visual Images of the World of the Single Woman in the Big Metropolis"


"Shanghai Twenties - - In Search of the Modern Marriage: Early 'Moving Pictures' of Temptation, Transgression, Negotiation, Redemption, and Submission"


10h00 - Yeh Wen-hsin - University of California, Berkeley

"Documenting the visual: the Camera in Shanghai and Chongqing"


11h15 Wrap up session



 Ex cursus


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