War and Wartime in Visual Representations

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University of California
August 23-25, 2006
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War and Wartime in Visual Representations

Workshop at the University of California, Berkeley

August 23-25, 2006

supported by the France-Berkeley Fund

Wednesday, August 23

Location: Faculty Club, O’Neill Room

2:00 Wen-hsin Yeh & Christian Henriot, opening remarks

2:30 Luo Suwen, “Gaolang Qiao: Formation of Workers' Residence Zone of a Cotton Spinning Mill in Eastern Shanghai (1914-1950)”

Discussant: Wen-hsin Yeh

3:30 Vimalin Rujivacharakul, "Motion in Stillness: Photographs, Architecture, and Demolition."

Discussant: Paul Pickowicz

Location: Wurster Hall, second floor lobby

5:15 Photo exhibit and reception

Thursday, August 24

Location: 2223 Fulton Street, Institute of East Asian Studies conference room, 6 fl.

9:00 Coffee

9:15 Paul Pickowicz, "Never-Ending Controversies: The Case of Chun jiang yi hen (Remorse in Shanghai) and Occupation-era Chinese Filmmaking."

Discussant: Sheldon Lu

10:30 Poshek Fu, “Revisioning the War: Postwar Hong Kong Exile Cinema.”

Discussant: Sheldon Lu

11:45 lunch

1:00 Shana Brown, "Wartime photojournalism: picture, print and propaganda in the war against Japan, 1937-1945."

Discussant: William Schaefer

2:15 Kuiyi Shen, "Visualizing Wartime China: A Case Study of the Journalist and Artist Shen Yiqian."

Discussant: Patricia Berger (tentative)

3:30 Coffee Break

3:45 Edna Tow, “"Visual politics, Image-making, and the Nationalist State during the War of Resistance."

Discussant: Christian Henriot

5:00 Film screening “Chun jiang yi hen” (Remorse in Shanghai) (1 hr. 15 minutes)

Friday, August 25

Location: 2223 Fulton Street, Institute of East Asian Studies conference room, 6 fl.

9:00 Sakamoto Hiroko “Where Did the Modern Girls in manhua Magazines Go During the Chinese War of Resistance?”

Discussant: Jerome Bourgon

10:15 Jin Jiang, “Gender, Popular Entertainment, and Politics in Wartime Shanghai.”

Discussant: Shana Brown

11:30 coffee break

11:45 Susan Glosser, “Heroine or Victim?: Images of Women in the War of Resistance, 1937-1945.”

Discussant: Vimalin Rujivacharakul

1:00 lunch

2:00 Christian Henriot , “Wartime Shanghai Refugees: chaos, exclusion, and indignity: Do images make up for the absence of memory?”

Discussant: Poshek Fu

3:15 Jerome Bourgon, "http://turandot.ish-lyon.cnrs.fr: an online research website crossing visual with textual resources, and learned comments."

Discussant: Susan Glosser

4:30 General discussion and wrap-up remarks: Wen-hsin Yeh & Christian Henriot

5:30 adjourn

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